Large, small, and mid-sized companies can all incorporate wellness and prevention programs into the workplace. Below are some suggested ways to improve the health of your organization:

• Educate management on the link between employee health and productivity and the
business’s economic value;

• Identify the leading physical and mental health conditions among employees by providing a
health risk appraisal (HRA);

• Work with your insurance provider to include benefits supporting prevention, risk reduction,
and disease management;

• Create an environment supportive of healthy behaviors (e.g., encourage walking by providing
pedometers, maps to walking trails, well-lit stairwells, gym membership discounts);

• Provide healthful food selections in the vending machines and in the corporate cafeteria;

• Publicly recognize employees who act as role models for better health. Establish an
employee leadership network;

• Provide incentives for health promotion program participation (e.g., benefit credits, gift
certificates, prizes);

• Educate employees about medical consumerism and self-care through educational materials
and brown-bag discussions;

• Reduce barriers for accessing health (e.g., provide on-site preventive screenings, allow time
off for doctor’s visits, provide 24-hour nurse hotlines); and

• Provide effective disease management programs targeted to conditions with high-cost
productivity implications (e.g., asthma, diabetes, depression).