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The first Cahaya polyclinic was established in 1997 to serve the community of Pandamaran, Klang in the state of Selangor, Malaysia. Since then we have evolved into one stop primary health care centers around the Klang Valley where all your health needs are coordinated without that hassle of moving about for care. With our collaboration with CARE Clinics, we have expanding number of clinics in the Klang Valley.

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Customer focus is our theme and we are committed to provide the best healthcare services that are affordable and reasonable. We take great efforts to ensure our clients understand their problems well and holistic approaches are undertaken to get them back in good health and spirit. As a primary healthcare provider, we work hand to hand with all the secondary and tertiary referral centers so that smooth and hassle free transfer of care can be provided.

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As one of the panel healthcare center for many of our valued organizations, we are responsible to ensure the good health of their human resources while maintaining affordability and quality. With good understanding of our organizations' needs, we work as teams to enhance and maintain the good health of their human resources while appreciating every individual's uniqueness as a human being.

Kesihatan & Keselamatan Pekerja

With DOSH registered doctors, we provide occupational health and safety services. Example of our services are blood heavy metal surveillance and monitoring, chemical exposure monitoring, workplace safety, assessment for drivers of vehicle carrying dangerous cargo and many more. OSHEM Services describes further on how occupational health & safety can influence your organization.

Estetik & Kecantikan

Enhance your beauty and rediscover the shine in you. Available by appointments in Cheras (Alam Damai), Putrajaya and Pandamaran, Klang, we provide various services such as botox, fillers, chemical peels and many more. Contact us for more information